Your Guide to Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing has become a growing trend since the last decade. Though, a new tactic of marketing, its success advocates its continuous use. Digital marketing is precisely the use of digital technologies and virtual platforms to market a good or service. Different mediums are used to market products; though the primary instrument is the internet, marketing on mobile devices through online advertisements and display advertising also fall under the umbrella term of digital marketing. 

The introduction of digital marketing has changed the preface of brands and how businesses make use of modern technology in order to increase their revenue and turnovers. Digital marketing campaigns have become more efficient over the course of time. This is due to the fact that the virtual world has become synchronized with our daily lives more than ever. 

There are various digital marketing methods that are tailored and used in accordance with the requirement of the business and the product it deals with. Depending on the niche, a marketing method that may not seem plausible for one type of product can show higher potential for another type of product. The commonly used methods for digital marketing include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content automation, social media marketing, Email direct marketing and much more. But how does one decide upon which method to choose? How does one become a successful Digital Marketer? This is where digital marketing courses come into play. How do you adopt a digital marketing strategy? This is where these courses become helpful. It may not be important to attend an institute in its physical form, but online digital marketing courses become mandatory in this context.

Why study digital marketing?

The dominant misconception about digital marketing is that it is related to learning social media marketing, though social media marketing falls under its wings, digital marketing is the name of a giant hawk. Why do I call it a hawk? Because it is high flying and can detect its prey from a distance. Not only does it detect the prey, but it makes a successful move to capture it. 

Digital marketing on its own is a high paying job and a fast growing business. For an individual, the prospects of employment grow diversely once they establish strongholds on the subject. The demand of digital marketing has grown exponentially. This is owing to proved reasons. It has become obvious that digital marketing has a good impact on business revenues and thus the individuals who make it possible and effective become lauded. 

Has this article so far urged you to opt for a digital marketing strategy course already? Let us help you through!

People have been setting foot in the field of digital marketing. Not only in virtual locations, but people are also opting to attend universities to have exclusive exposure in the field of digital marketing. 

Online Marketing Courses and institutes in Canada:

  1. Fanshawe College
  2. Humber College
  3. Herzing College
  4. Canadian Business College
  5. Centennial College
  6. McMaster University
  7. Morgan International College
  8. George Brown College
  9. Sprott Shaw College

Digital Marketing Courses and institutes in the USA:

  1. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
  2. Arizona State University
  3. Azusa Pacific University
  4. California State University – Northridge
  5. Sacred Heart University
  6. Georgetown University
  7. Northern Illinois University
  8. Towson University

Top digital marketing institutes globally

We understand that you may be new to this field and thus, require guidance to opt for a viable digital marketing institute. There are many digital marketing courses and institutes in the USA and Canada for you to choose from, but since the options are diverse, you need to be wary! You will find below a list of institutes and online courses noted for masters in digital marketing online and can opt for the one which offers a close match of what you are searching for in this field. 

  • Google online marketing challenge: 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Google is a name synonymous to marketing and thus acquiring a Google certified digital marketing course comes with its pros. There cannot be anything that matches the Google online marketing challenge. This is an online training program which will award you a certification. It comes with video tutorials on a range of subjects which include:

  1. Digital marketing – an introduction
  2. Tips and tricks to search for advertising 
  3. Search engine marketing
  4. Mobile strategies 
  5. Analytics
  6. Video advertisement techniques
  7. Display advertising 
  8. Social media marketing

It is always advisable to complete the pre-course preparation before signing up for the actual course itself. This is due to the fact that the course delivers an ocean of knowledge on which anyone signing up for it should have a command. The course material is available as per the capabilities of an introductory, intermediate and advanced level student. Upon completion, the candidates are recommended to take the globally recognized Google Ad-words Certification in order to pump their career prospects. 

  • Knowledge hunt:

Established in 2011, it is known for the service it offers to people. This institute offers 100+ professional training courses for management and technology. These courses are not only useful for individuals but for businesses as a whole. This institute is affiliated with Global blended Model of Approach (GBMA), and this affiliation aids the understanding of students on various topics and makes their understanding of various topics easier. Among all courses, the highest opted courses offered at knowledge hunt include: 

  1. Content marketing 
  2. Web analytics training
  3. Pay per click advertising 
  4. Email direct marketing training
  5. Display advertising 
  6. Digital marketing training
  7. Conversion optimization training
  8. Mobile marketing 
  9. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  10. Social media marketing

The combination of these digital marketing courses helps emerging marketers to pave their way through the industry. These courses do not limit your understanding to the things taught in class, but this domain is most likely and closest in its ability to be applied to the contemporary world.

  • Market motive – Masters in Digital Marketing:

Started in 2007, this program has been serving the industry ever since. It has a one of its kind curriculum that is structured and wholesome. This program gives you at least 250 hours of training where you are taught several things. It gives you hours for analytics, Search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, mobile, email marketing and much more. 

If this program had to be shrunk to its results, they would include the following:

  1. 250 hours and up for remote learning content 
  2. Training from the esteemed faculty of silicon valley
  3. A contemporary approach to learning
  4. A diverse range of courses
  5. Access to digital marketing projects or opportunities 
  6. Expert discussion forums
  7. Money back guarantee
  • Coursera Digital marketing specialization program:

This project includes seven courses and a field project to secure a certification from the course. The programs it covers include analytics, SEO, PPC, social media marketing and much more. Among the seven courses, few are as follow:

  1. Marketing analytics for digital marketing
  2. Marketing in an analog world
  3. A capstone project in association with Grainger industries
  • Udemy Digital marketing master class:

This class offers a range of 23 online courses which gives an end to end training from social media to email marketing. The master class teaches digital marketing strategies, tactics to improve brand identity, and brand engagement to name a few. The course includes 30 hours of on-demand video, guides, and checklists for the enthusiastic marketer. This class is priced at approximately $200 and entitles the student a certification upon completion.

  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification:

This is a free online content marketing course with 12 courses. Each of these courses include two to three videos. These courses are inclined towards developing good content strategy in order to attract new customers and keep the existing intact. Anyone can access the free courses once they have signed up for Hubspot services. Hubspot also provides a certificate upon completion of an end of course exam. 

  • LinkedIn learning marketing training and tutorials:

Formerly, has much in the store. It offers a range of digital marketing tutorials and training initiatives for you to develop, implement and gauge any digital marketing strategy. On a whole, students get to study search engine optimization, social media marketing and much more. The tools offered by LinkedIn are indeed helpful in the digitized world. 

  • Skillshare Digital Marketing Training:

This course is best known for developing a content marketing and social media marketing strategy. The courses offered range from as low as 15 minutes and even range up to 4 hours and more. It is a go-tofor anyone who wants to learn digital marketing remotely. Better yet, it is safe to say that this is a good way to learn about digital marketing through digital channels. It helps people to understand various social media platforms and their strategies of marketing. Once an individual has signed up, a range of courses are available for free up to two months. This platform provides pricing on request and runs a monthly subscription program to let the marketer continue learning over a large span of time. 

It is no doubt that embracing the virtual reality and it being a world working in parallel to the real world has become imperative. The need of highly qualified digital marketer cannot be denied or ignored. The strategies that a business uses in digital marketing distinguishes a settled business from a successful one. 

Cannot attend an institute in the physical form? Don’t worry, you may opt for online courses.

Bottom Line: This field requires a high level of creativity and the knack to connect with people!!