What, Why and How? Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is like Chess, you will succeed only if you know when you have to move which piece (king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, and pawn). There is a time when you move your pawn from his safe zone and risk the king’s life. (Your brand is the King here). This blog is a short but precise explanation of Social Media Marketing.

The advertisement is processed by using different social media platforms to convey your message or reaching your audience to develop your brand, increase sales, and obtain some traffic on your websites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Snap chat, Blogs, YouTube, etc are used for digital marketing.

2. Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Now-a -days, social media marketing is working as the most crucial part of your businesses. It has a lot of positives as well as helps to reach a large community for the advertisement of our brand. According to 2019 social media stats, about 3.2 billion people are using social media platforms around the globe. It shows how beneficial it will be to advertise your brand using social media platforms. You will miss a big opportunity if you ignore this logic. It will make things easy for the brand about its awareness and vision.

Some of the important aspects that show why digital marketing is crucial:

2.1 Customer Engagement

Social media is the better platform if you want to engage with your customers. It provides two-way communication between the brand and the customer. The more you will interact with the customers, the more you will have the chance of a conversion. And by having two-way communication, you will better know about the requirements of the customer and the interest of the customer. It will help you to give your customers more attention and you will convey your brand message more easily to them.

2.2 Increased Traffic

Another benefit you can have by social media marketing is increased traffic. You can create quality content, and then you can share it on social media platforms. As much as your content will be shared, you will have more traffic on your content. It will be proved as a valid reason why a person should click to visit your website. So, in this manner, as much as you will have the traffic on your content, you will have many chances of conversion rates.

2.3 Cost-Effective

Social Media is the better option for brand promotion in regards to cost. You have to create an account on the platform you want to, and sign up with your I’d and password. And then, you can market your brand by posting ads, content related to your brand. Making an account on social media platforms is always free of cost, but you will have to pay something for your marketing. Conversion rates of your brand and a positive response rate from the customers can easily be increased by just investing a small amount of money as well as your time.

2.4 Enhanced SEO Rankings

Marketing on social media platforms is becoming a crucial factor for rankings calculation. The importance of SEO is continuously determined to have effective positioning these days. Consequently, it is never again enough to just update your content and enhance your site. Organizations uploading their substance via web-based networking media are delivering brand awareness to search engines that conveys your authentic image, respectability, and constancy.

2.5 Enhanced Loyalty of Brand

Customers can very easily reach you and come to you when you are present on social media. There are a lot more chances of customer loyalty when you have a connection with them through social media. Having loyal customers is also the goal of any business. Customer engagement is very crucial to have better brand loyalty. You don’t only introduce your product on social media, but you can also have promotional campaigns as well.

3. Social Media Marketing Courses

There are many institutions which are offering digital marketing courses. One should go and avail of these chances to enhance your knowledge regarding this field. We all know the importance of digital media and the digital world in today’s world. So, To build up a strong advertising background, you should go for the course and get knowledge of digital marketing.

4. How to Utilize Social Media Marketing Tools Effectively?

Some of the digital marketing tools which can be used to boost your brand are discussed below. It will also help you to engage with your customers.

4.1 Buffer

Buffer has a clear interface and uncomplicated features to analyze the data. Just a single dashboard can be used for your content to share it on multiple accounts. To make it easier, content can be shared on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook by using chrome extension.

4.2 Feedly

Feedly is an incredible method to comprehend what influencers are discussing, to keep updated with the modern production patterns. Being updated with the most recent developments helps control your very own substance procedure and online content uploading plan.

4.3 Canva

Canva is the tool that is designed especially for non-designers. You can edit your pictures, content for your blogs. Canva can create stunning photos for social media platforms to upload. Using Canva’s multiple templates; you just have to drag the elements of the picture and set it where you need to.

5. Social Media Marketing Giant Sites

There are different social media marketing platforms that you can use to market your brand. However, some of the major areas are discussed below that will help you better choose any one of those sites and to market your brand on it.

5.1 Facebook

It should not be a surprising fact that Facebook is on the top of the list of great sites. With about 2.41 billion active users daily, Facebook is the platform that is used a lot around the globe. Whatever you want to achieve as a business goal, including increased traffic, lead generation, conversion rate, or brand awareness, Facebook can make a clear difference in approaching your goal when properly used.

5.2 Instagram

Instagram comes at number second in this list. After Facebook, Instagram is a widely used platform throughout the world. The owner of Instagram is the same person who owns Facebook. Instagram has 500 million daily active users.

5.3 Pinterest

If your business lies in a sort of creative industry or assembles more women, Pinterest is the social media platform you should consider. Pinterest has 291 million monthly active users. According to stats, out of 291 million users, 81% are women, 93% of users said that their basic reason for using Pinterest is to look for purchases and many of the users told that the reason for their purchasing is Pinterest.

5.4 YouTube

YouTube is a video platform where people can watch videos and can upload videos as well. YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube has a monthly 2 billion active users. You have the chance to share your content on YouTube with over 30+ million daily active users having the chance to watch it.

5.5 Twitter

Twitter has been used for a long time and has 336 million monthly active users. Twitter can be used to post photos, videos and a limited copy of characters. Twitter is most commonly known for its news of real-time happenings.

6. Social media marketing strategy

Before entering into the social media platforms, you should first make up a strategy. What should be your strategy to advertise your brand and how you could have traffic on your content? You should develop a plan to increase the conversion rates of your product.

7. What Are Your Goals?

In what manner can social media marketing assist you with accomplishing your business objectives? A few organizations utilize social media marketing for expanding their image of mindfulness; others use it for driving site traffic and deals. Social media marketing can likewise assist you with producing commitment around your brand, make a network, and fill in as a client service channel for your customers.

7.1 Social Media Platform to Focus On:

Many of the social media platforms are discussed above with the number of active users. Some other platforms are used like Tumblr, TikTok, Messenger and Whatsapp, etc. It should be your approach to customers that which platform is mostly used by your target audience so that you can target that social media platform as well.

7.2 Research the Competition

Odds are, your competitors are already using social media platforms. By visiting them, you can see what they are doing well? You’ll have the idea from their ads that what is expected from your industry and what to target directly and to spot opportunities.

7.3 Advertising

After setting up the goal and finalizing the platform, you will have to advertise your brand. Advertising is the area where there is a lot more chance of spreading your business on a wide range. You need funds for the advertisements. If you have enough options for funds, you better raise your business by investing those funds in marketing.

Social media platforms can make your target very easy. You can know and select directly the type of audience you need to target. These targets could be based on different interests, demographics, audience behavior, and much more. You can also use social media advertising tools when you are running more than one campaign at a time. It will help you to make changes, automate different processes, and will help you to optimize your ads.

8. Social Media Marketing Plan

Setting up a policy for your brand advertisement takes a lot of planning. You should plan a powerful strategy to get the reach of your target. You have to get clear of your target audience. Make a healthier plan for that. How to reach the audience? How to interact with the audience? How to get to know the interest of the customers? And in the end, how to increase the conversion rate? That is all about the planning you should have to make before advertising your brand.

Final Words

The fact cannot be denied that Digital Marketing has a lot of positives for businesses that are just getting the start and established newly. It needs updating the social media marketing strategy regularly. By regularly updating the strategies, your business will have a lot of positives like increased traffic, customer satisfaction, better brand loyalty, and much more. Competitiveness is increasing day by day on social media marketing. You have to go smart and make some healthier strategies to win the competition and not let other brands capture your customers.