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The Amazing Benefits of Corona Virus

The Amazing Benefits of Corona Virus (1)

Don’t get mad at me by reading the headline;

I know it seems crazy how a deadly virus who is killing people can be beneficial. but,

I believe that there is always a positive side to every negative thing. So Covid-19 coronavirus also has some positive effects on society.

A wise man is the one who gets positivity in each aspect and fulfills his soul with pleasure.

Some researches and scientific publishing sites are saying that the ozone (O3) layer is fixing itself. I know it’s not authentic news but it could be possible as due to coronavirus industries closed streets are empty so it could be possible that the ozone layer is fixing itself if you believe in God then i will say the one who creates the universe has his ways to fix it too. And if you are agnostic or atheist and believe in nature then nature is working on a pattern so its possible which I said earlier.

If you watch news then you will see that countries with poor economies and with corrupt leaders are now trying to join hand in hand to fight against this virus. Many political parties and doing meetings together to save their peoples.

This brotherhood is not limited to the country and its political leaders, in a broad vision, multiple countries are working together to find a cure against this deadly Covid-19 coronavirus disease.

IT is getting more attention as people are working from home.

Previously people still believed that work can be done only from the office but due to corona situations many companies try to get their work done from home, so their employees save their life and do their tasks from home.

(I know a civil engineer cannot work from home, because he cannot construct road in house)

But people who are working in offices, doing paperwork, working on small machines are working from home.
IT engineers are mostly used to working from home before this situation but nowadays many companies find out that their employees can do their work from home, and in some cases their employees productivity is improving.

Due to no outdoor activities, people have a good chance to spend time with their family. I know social distancing is necessary for these days but you can talk with your family by keeping a distance.

(This rule doesn’t apply on couples especially not on newly married couples)

Many people are now getting self-conscious, they are investing their time on healthy activities like exercise, yoga, aerobic, etc to make them healthy.

People who are book lovers were so busy in their office work previously but now they get a lot of free time so I personally know many people who bought bundles of books from the online store and are fulfilling their hobby of reading.

Do you know that is one thing which is more costly than your money, that is your time, mostly people ignore their time value.

Don’t waste this precious time on watching movies on netflix, streaming youtube and playing games. It’s high time for people to learn new skills to get their hands on new technologies in their field as training lectures are available online.