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Promote your Content with few Easy Steps


When someone entered in blogging industry then the most important thing for him is to promote his content. Getting traffic is not everyone’s cup of tea. Getting traffic on your content is not that tough if you follow some simple steps.

There is a vast list of things to do to promote content but here in this blog I am sharing just few steps which help you a lot to get a huge traffic on your website.


Killer Quote by Influencer (source)


Before publishing your new piece of content, reach out to an influencer or influencers in your industry. Tell them the topic of your content and ask if they would be willing to provide their point of view about the certain Topic.


  • Create more than 20 Snippets for Mega Sharing for Social Media Platforms.
  • When Sharing content, Mention Your Expert Sources.
  • After publishing content, e-mail Your sources so they read, share, and link to your Content.
  • Send a direct message to Influencers on LinkedIn so they read, share, and link to the Content
  • Contact to those people who shared or linked to similar Content
  • Appeal to a totally different audience, turn the Content into a Video, slides, .pdf
  • Add related and most popular links to your recent content


Content Submission Communities




Must add  newsletters subscription form to your website/blog, so people get notification about your latest updates.

Remember – People sign up to newsletter subscriptions because they want to hear from you, so it is ok to send then notifications when you write new piece of content.

Your Follow Up Series

Mostly, bloggers did a serious mistake, not having a follow up series. So avoid this major mistake a blogger should must have a follow up series as part of their auto-responder.

Follow up series is an automated mailing system for your list, blogger can promote old articles to those who sign-up newly. These news subscribers are the people who were not visit your website when you originally create that old content.

Follow up series help you to bring traffic for your old blogs.

Studies shows that, “20% of the traffic can achieve via follow up series”


Submission Websites

Internet prior those sites who allow others to vote-up/down to blogs of peoples. The post which get the most up-vote is the post which get more exposure and brings more business towards you.

Here are a few web-submission sites in the blogging niche which help you to expose your content to their platform and get audiance attention towards your site.

Food niche (to provide another example)

And do not forget those websites too who had a collections of particular article types, such as infographics (or podcasts, etc)



Reddit is a social media platform – it is the great mystery of many internet marketers. It was started just under 10 years ago, and now it has more than 174 million monthly unique visits.

You might have heard about the story of the article that hit the front page of Reddit, and brought down someone’s entire website. Now if you could just do the same thing but for your website (without the whole bringing down the website thing). The important thing you need to understand is that Reddit has the unique audience that doesn’t much care for self-promotion.

  • Triberr and ViralContentBuzz
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media (Automated)
  • Blog Comments